Conquering Time

Standing high above Tashkurgen, surrounded by old Tajik homes and alleys, the Stone City rests on a shattered foundation: a sea of ​​stones littered on a mound of dirt. A rocky path leads up to the remains of what could only have been a magnificent city wall. As I pass the wall, the unthinkable happens: a city of ghosts emerges from the rubble. Read more »

China Southern Airlines to Launch Direct Flight to Kaohsiung of Taiwan

China Southern Airlines has received approval from Taiwan Aviation authority to launch 3 direct flight from Urumqi of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to Kaohsiung of Taiwan. The three direct flights scheduled for 12th, 19th and 26th of March. The airline representative have said that these three flights are already in the system, but not ready for booking since application still in process. Read more »

Hainan Airlines parent HNA Group to Launch Subsidiary Urumqi Airlines in Urumqi Xinjiang

It is reported that Hainan Airlines parent HNA Group is planning to launch Urumqi Airlines, in conjunction with the Urumqi municipal government. It is purpose is to further explore the market potentials of Xinjiang. Read more »

Magnitude Earthquake hit Urumqi

2.5 Magnitude Earthquake hit Urumqi

According to Xinjiang Earthquake measuring bureau, 2.5 magnitude earthquake hit Urumqi city at 18:27, 29th of August 2012. It felt by 8km area, at altitude of 43. 8° north, and 87.6° East of Urumqi city.
Urumqi Railway Station Bureau closed the earthquake affected areas of Lan-Xin Railway Line (22.5 km), but after careful inspection of equipments, it started normal operation. Read more »


Gobi March 2012 will be held in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar!

The Gobi March for 2012 begins 10th June in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar. It is said that it’s lot like the Marathon des Sables: the race is 250km which spread over 7 days, participants will carry everything they need themselves. Read more »

Dinosaur fossil found in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Chinese palaeontologists announced that they have discovered the largest Jurassic dinosaur fossil in the country in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on 15th April 2012.
The herbivorous sauropod dinosaur was 35 meters in length, and weighed about 30 tonnes, said professor Sun Ge, deputy executive director of China Research Society of Paleontology. The fossil was discovered in a stratum of the Middle Jurassic Period, about 165 million years ago. Read more »

Hotan Jade Business Off-limits to Officials

Hotan Xinjiang is a home for high quality white mutton fat jade. The river, Rurungkash or white jade, is the headwater of Hotan jade industry. The banks of the Yurungkax River produce the world’s finest jade “Hotan jade” and are renowned for their pure white nephrite variety of the stone. Read more »

New Flight Route between Hongkong and Kashgar

New Flight Route between Hongkong and Kashgar will be open soon

China Southern Airlines is a one of the three biggest airlines in China. It operates daily flights between Urumqi and Kashgar. The new flight route reported on China Daily news between Hongkong and Kashgar with a short stopover in Urumqi. It reported that the new flight opened with the hope to boost economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between two regions. Read more »

Nowruz Mubarak

Nowruz Festival

Nowruz Mubarak! Nowruz means “New Day” in Persian Language. It is the first day of spring and the beginning of the New Year in Iranian Calendar. Uyghurs absorbed this word as Noruz.   21stof March is a Noruz festival which is celebrated by countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdish regions of Iraq, Turkey and central Asian countries. Read more »

Promoting of Kashgar Tourism in Singaporean Market and Possible Flight Connection

There are various development projects going on in Xinjiang about its cities by local government. Each cities or prefectures tied up with industrialized and developed cities government in mainland China for the sustainable development of the Region. Business people from those cities led by their local government came to various cities of Xinjiang to see the potential business and investment opportunities. They have invested various industries; of course tourism is one of them. Investing in hospitality sector can be seen clearly from the various four and five star hotels built recently and ongoing constructions. Read more »