Tianshan Mountain Nominated for UNESCO Heritage List

Tianshan Mountain Nominated for UNESCO Heritage List

Recent years, local government of Xinjiang trying their best to boost the local tourism of Xinjiang. Xinjiang offers adventure, cultural and trekking tours to both domestic and foreign tourist. Some of the examples of efforts by local government is direct flight link between major mainland Chinese cities to various cities of Xinjiang which traditionally have flight to Urumqi. But Now there are direct flight links between main cities of mainland China to main tourist cities of Xinjiang. Opening the ice-skiing tourism in Urumqi and Altay regions.  Improving road  conditions and many more. Most recent one is nominating of Tianshan Mountain Range to UNESCO heritage list. Hope this will bring some economic benefit to local residents and to those who are involved in tourism. Read more »

Best Time to Visit Xinjiang

Best Time to Visit Xinjiang

Xinjiang is located on the main part of Chinese side of the Silk Road and northwest of China. Xinjiang’s climate belongs to semi-arid and desert climate. The climate difference between south to North is big; southern Xinjiang considerably warmer than northern Xinjiang. Northern Xinjiang gets more rainfall than Southern Xinjiang. You can get complete information of the weather forecast of the most of the cities of Xinjiang from our Xinjiang Travel sites cities guide. Read more »

Exchange Money in Kashgar and Hotan

Money Exchange in Kashgar

There are various options for travelers to exchange money in Kashgar.

Option One: Bank of China, it is located at No. 53 Peoples East Road at the Peoples Square in Kashgar city. You can also withdraw money from your credit card from the ATM located outside the bank. Read more »

Buying Chinese Train Tickets Online in Kashgar

Buying train tickets always had been headache for people because there is only few train ticket selling outlets in the city. If there is none in the city, one has to go to train station to buy the ticket. Most of the train stations are situated outside of city, and requires one to particularly travel there to buy their ticket. In those ticket selling places, people have to wait in long queues for hours and hours in order to get the train ticket.  Some people even travel few hours before the  ticket office open. This is especially the case during holiday times. Holidays like Chinese New Year, one week long Oct Holiday, May Holiday, and Jan, Feb, June, July and Sep are the student holiday travelling periods. During these times, it is difficult to buy train ticket due to a lot of people are travelling. Read more »

Direct flights from Urumqi to Istanbul of Turkey

In recent years, central governments carrying out various development projects in Xinjiang to develop the region and increase peoples living standard. Developed cities from mainland China assigned to various cities in Xinjiang by central government. Today, various projects are going on every city by developed cities government and successful business man from those cities. It is still too early to tell how well did it benefit local economy since it is still the early stage of strategic plan. One of the development project is to boost the local tourism of Xinjiang by utilizing its natural, historical and cultural resources. Read more »

More Advice about Tashkorgan

Far from the city : no hustle no bustle!

Welcome to Tashkorgan… peaceful, calm, green, fresh, clean, and relaxing small town. These are some of the words that come first to your mind when you get to this really nice scenery. Read more »

The oasis at the heart of the Silk Road

Note: We published this article here after the author of the article agreed us to publish it in our blog. This article published in Globaltimes.com website on 24th of Oct this year after the author Vera Penêda traveled in Kashgar and surrounding area with us. You can access to original article click here! Read more »

Winter in Kashgar

Two days ago the weather in Kashgar dropped dramatically. Now, there are fewer electric bikes cruising the roads, which means more people fighting for taxis. The city has slowed down a little, but is still alive. Though the streets are still busy with activity, the roads are deserted much earlier in the evening. The sun sets around 8:30pm Beijing time, 6:30pm local time. The nights are very cold, hovering just below zero. Read more »

The second five star hotel project in Kashgar

The second five star hotel project in Kashgar started 19th March this year and scheduled to complete the construction work by Dec this year. The name of the hotel is Kashgar Yin Rui Lin International Hotel which is located at the northeast side of Kashgar city Jianshe Road and Xincheng Nan Road intersection. It will 36 floors in total, 2 floors will be underground and rest will be on surface. The hotels construction area is 13,9068 square meters. Read more »

Qinibagh is the first hotel to built five star hotel in Kashgar

Kashgar developed faster than ever last few years, this can be seen clearly from hospitality sector. Half a decade ago, three start hotels considered best in town. But today, even four star hotels can’t satisfy the need of both business and leisure travelers. Number of business traveler who visits Kashgar increased significantly recent years, especially after Kashgar became the Special Economic Zone. There are new direct flight routes open from Shanghai to Kashgar via Urumqi and Kashgar Airport became International Airport which has a couple of weekly flights to Pakistan. Even though there are many four star hotels, it really didn’t meet the expectations of travelers. Read more »