Amber Jewelry in Kashgar

The first time a man we’ll call Abdul walked in off the streets of Kashgar, and showed off his Amber, we were admittedly ignorant. We could not tell that it was valuable. He told us that he sold it for thousands and thousands of RMB. What he didn’t sell in his shop, he sent via his contacts to the rest of China.

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first snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow for the year of 2011 started yesterday evening and it thickened to around 15 cm this evening. It is hard to see this much snow in Kashgar, because kashgar belongs to dry climate and it is hard to see rain in summer and snow in winter since we are so close to Second Largest Shifting desert in the world.

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到了新疆的喀什就等于到了中国西部明珠。只从披上了经济特区之后,喀什(喀什克尔的简称)已经焕然一新了。多层楼变成高层楼。郊区变成市区。房价翻了一番。 Read more »

How Bazaar – A Guide to Kashgar’s Ancient-Modern Markets

Roman aristocrat. Sogdian trader. Chinese silk weaver. A complex web of business that linked these and others from diverse walks of life almost 2,000 years ago found its center in Kashgar. Over the centuries that followed, empires rose and fell, trading moved from the backs of camels to the seven seas, and Kashgar’s markets slipped off the mainstream map. Read more »

Gold and Silver Market in Kashgar

Next to the IdKar mosque is an alleyway that hosts all sorts of interesting Kashgar delights. There are the edibles: both the sight of pretty almond cookies and the smell of lamb fat in the smoke rising from the kebabs are there to tempt you. Then there are the carpets: the Kazak handmade rugs made of boiled Camels hair and the Uyghur antique carpets are there to intrigue you. But it’s easy to miss another fascinating corner of this alleyway. Just at the entrance, right next to Idkar mosque is the silver and gold market of Kashgar. Read more »

Kashgar Safety

As much as I love Kashgar and it’s people, I must say that lately it hasn’t been the safest place…for your pockets and bags. A few months ago, it seemed as if more and more “cell phone sellers” were on the streets trying to discreetly sell some “second-hand” cell phones. At first I thought that Kashgar is too small a city for thieves to prosper, but now I think the city is growing fast and getting bigger everyday. Making Kashgar a new Economic Zone like Shenzhen not only attracts investors with pockets full of goodies, but also pick-pockets. Read more »

Winter in Tashkurgan on Pamir Plateau

As can be seen clearly from the numerous posts about how great Tashkorgan is on this site, we as well as other people love it there. It’s one of the main attractions and ‘must see’ places near Kashgar. People always love their trips to Tashkorgan. So as winter approaches, tourists should be aware of the traveling conditions. Read more »

Far from the city : no hustle no bustle!

Welcome to Tashkorgan… peaceful, calm, green, fresh, clean, relaxing. These are some of the words that come first to your mind when you get to this really nice scenery.

It feels so nice to arrive at this amazing place after a few hours trip from Kashgar. Actually, it can take anywhere from 6 to more than 10 hours whether the road is destroyed by the rain or not!!
But to tell the truth it is worth all the pain in the world! Read more »

The Kashgar Gallery Cafe Tashkurgan trip experience – Can’t Get Enough of the Mountains!!!

We set out early in the morning from Kashgar and enjoyed a smooth ride all the way to Tashkorgan (also spelled Tashkurgan).  The best way to get there is to take a private car or van, depending on how many people.  Our Kashgar driver was very experienced, he made sure that we were awake and ready to admire all the beautiful mountain peaks, camels and yaks.  We were struck by the stunning colours of the mountain cliffs along the way.  Mines were scattered and Kygrgiz nomads had their tents set up along the way.  To say we were dwarfed by the magnificent mountains doesn’t even begin to paint their magnanimity. Read more »

Tashkorgan Overnight Trip – Fully Satisfied

Kashgar itself is a worthwhile travel experience on its own but it is also the gateway to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery we’ve ever seen – the Pamir mountains.

The folks at the Gallery Cafe helped us to book a comfortable car and driver for the 5 hour journey to Tashkorgan (on the border of Pakistan and Tajikistan). Having once, in Malaysia, hired a car and driver who turned out to be mostly blind (could only see shadows) we asked for a ‘good’ driver and that is what we got. About an hour after leaving Kashgar we started into the mountains — first dirt and gravel types shrouded in wispy mists and transitioning into jagged rocky peaks reaching for the sky, then snow caps reaching into the bluest skies we’ve seen, an area of sand dunes and finally Everest and K2 type glacier covered peaks — interspersed with beautiful grassland valleys and Lake Karakorum. The highest local mountain is Mustagh-ata, >20,000ft, and each new vista just took away what was left of our breath in this already rarified high altitude air. Read more »