Change of Location!

Dear customers, please note that we are no longer in Hotel Eden.  We moved our office to right opposite site of the Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel. We are currently working from home since our new office is under renovation, renovation work will be complete soon. We will update our new address as soon as renovation complete. Read more »

Kashgar, Kashi, Kaxgar, Qexqer, Xinjiang, and Sinkiang

What’s in a name? Well, in the case of place names, they can help you do useful things like find your travel destination on a map, or search the internet for tourist info. In the case of Kashgar, it may be harder than you think. Why are there so many different ways to spell it? Are there different ways to say it? Which spelling is right? Here we will try to answer these questions Read more »

Turpan Travel Tips

When my friend came from Switzerland to visit, I thought this was the perfect chance to do some tourism of my own. So we decided to make Turpan our first stop. I should have brought my Lonely Planet with me, at least I would have had an idea of where to stay. As soon as we got off the bus from Urumqi, we were obviously lost and, therefore, became the attraction of the local tour guides. Pushy at first, but helpful in the end. We finally decided to stay at the Traffic Hotel (Jiaotong Binguan), because it’s right next to the long-distance bus station. We got a room for about 120 RMB, although they asked for 150 RMB at first. The room was clean and the air conditioning worked. Read more »

Enjoy While You Can – Beautiful Weather in Kashgar

When we moved here, everyone told us, don’t worry. Kashgar is warm. It doesn’t get cold. It barely snows. You’ll barely need heating. Soon we found out, they were all lies. This time last year, we were absolutely freezing in our cafe with a very poorly equipped heating system. Everyone told us it didn’t get cold!!! Read more »

Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand, Kashgar

This is the follow up post for Kashgar Davakul Taklamakan Desert. Second option for tourist from Kashgar to visit Desert is Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand. It is 40 km from Yarkand downtown and 240 km to Kashgar.

You will be driving towards the southeast of Kashgar city. Along the way, you will pass by Yingsar which is famous for Uyghur Yingsar Knives. You can visit the knife workshops and exhibitions. You can buy if you want to but you must discuss with your guide about the current regulations of posting it from Kashgar, because  some tourist can get it out by putting it in their check in language but mostly they couldn’t get it out, also post office have restrictions. Therefore, please ask you guide about the current restriction for mailing and check in to flight. Read more »

Kashgar Dawakul Taklamakan Desert

Kashgar is an Old Silk Road oasis town located in the extreme west of the immense Taklimakan desert (Also spelled as Taklamakan Desert). There are a few good options  available for travelers if they want to experience the shifting desert beauty in Kashgar by staying overnight or doing some trekking in Taklamakan Desert. Read more »

Train from Urumqi to Hotan (Khotan)

The train from Kashgar to Hotan officially started to carry passengers from end of June 2011. It’s total distance is 488.27 KM. The construction work started in Dec 2008 and completed Nov 2010. It goes through 10 counties before it reaches to Hotan from Kashgar. Now the starting point of the train is Urumqi and ending station is Hotan. It’s total distance is 2073 KM. Train number 5826/7, 5828/5 runs between Urumqi and Hotan. Read more »

Uyghur Kebab

Uyghur Food “Kebab”

There are various forms of Kebab’s available for Uyghur’s and tourist to try in Xinjiang. Kebab is the common name referred to regular Kebab which cost 2 RMB to up to 5 RMB depending on where they are selling. It is also easy to find since almost all the Uyghur restaurants offer this type of Kebab in Xinjiang. Depending on where you are dining, price of the Kebab’s and varieties of Kebab’s increase as the environment improves. Read more »

Uyghur diapers not the tobacco pipes!

You will see this type of wood pipes a lot while you are strolling around the Old Town or Handicraft Street in Kashgar. You also see in old parts of towns in other cities of Southern Xinjiang because the culture of making this wood pipe is only preserved only certain old parts of big cities of Southern Xinjiang. Read more »

Moscow-Urumqi Direct Flights

There are direct flights from MOSCOW to URUMQI that are quite cheap.
In the high season (June-July) you can get a round trip for around 600 USD.  (

If you are planning to visit Xinjiang this summer and you are in Europe, why not try to pass through Moscow. The challenge now is to get to Moscow. This might be the beginning of your adventure. Read more »