The Silk Road Lives on in Kashgar

2011-07-13 16:15:57      Web Editor: Duan Xuelian
The western Chinese city of Kashgar is the living remnant of Silk Road culture.

Information about Frequency of Bus from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Sost of Pakistan on Karakorum Highway (KKH)

There are two daily buses from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Sost of Pakistan which runs 1st of May to 31st of Dec every year. The Khunjerab border is closed between 1st of Jan to 30th of April every year. There are two bus stations in Kashgar which operates bus between Kashgar and Pakistan. The distance between Kashgar to Tashkorgan is 290KM and Tashkorgan to Khunjerab Pass is 125 KM and Kunjerab to Sost is 85 KM. Read more »

The Uyghur Way of Making Naan Bread!!!

Uyghur bread, called “Nan”, is a staple food for all locals in Xinjiang. The way Nan’s are baked is most interesting and looks quite challenging. Click “Read more” to watch a video on how Uyghur bakers put their Nan’s in the oven. Read more »

Train from Xinjiang to Tibet

According to Xinhua news agency, a new railway line will link Xinjiang and Tibet via a city called Golmud, in Qinhai province. The new Golmud-Korla project will be the first direct rail link between Xinjiang the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
The new line will cut the train journey between Urumqi and Lhasa by more than 1,000 km. Read more »

“不到喀什,不算到新疆” meaning is “Haven’t Been To Kashgar, You Haven’t Seen Xinjiang”!

“不到喀什,不算到新疆” meaning is “Haven’t Been to Kashgar, Haven’t Seen the Real Xinjiang”, it is the motto of Kashgar. If you come to Xinjiang but haven’t been to Kashgar, you are considered you haven’t seen the real Xinjiang. There are many reasons for this saying because Kashgar is the important hub on the Ancient Silk Road where Caraven’s Traded their exhausted cattle’s and goods at the Kashgar Market back 2000 years ago. Today Kashgar is the center of economic, political, cultural, and communication center of Southern Xinjiang. It’s like not going to the Great Wall of China while you’re in Beijing. So if you can make it to Xinjiang, try to make few days more to fly over to Kashgar and experience the hospitality of Uyghur’s. Read more »

Information about travelling from Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan via Torugart and Irkeshtam Borders

There are two borders between kyrgyzstan to China which are (also called Torugart Pass) and Irkeshtam Border (Irkeshtam Pass). These two borders regulations bit different from one another.

One must know that Torugart Border is opened for the purpose of business; therefore only citizens of China and Kirgizstan allowed to travel unless special permits are obtained. If a foreigner wants to cross this border to either country, one must have permit on top of their valid China or Kirgiz Visa, which they can only get through Travel Service on either sides. On top of permit, you must arrange car and guide on both side otherwise you can’t cross the border. Read more »

Muztagh Trek

Regions visited: Karakul Lake – Muztagh Mountain – Tashkorgan

Dates: From May 2 to May 6 2011

The first purpose of this trip was to experience a unique and different way to discover this huge region of China,
combining human exchanges and trekking. Kashgarguide could entirely fulfilled our expectations by offering us a customized service. Climbing up to 4,600 meters high was a life time experience which I only could encourage everyone to do. Read more »

Yengisar Apricot Flower Festival

Yengisar County is a county in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwestern China. It is under the administration of the Kashgar Prefecture. It contains a notable knife factory. Read more »


2011년 4월 6일 카슈가르에 도착. 4월 7일~4월 8일 카라쿨리 호수~타슈쿠르간~쿤자랍패스(홍치라포)를 다녀왔습니다. 4월 9일 타클라마칸 1일 투어까지 총 3일 동안 이 곳 가이드와 함께 하였습니다. 신장에서 영어가 통하는 유일한 곳이 아닐까 싶습니다. 다른 여행사를 알아보려 했지만 바로 옆 치니와커 빈관은 공사 중이었고 여행 책자에 나온 중국 현지 여행사들은 이미 사라지고 없는 상태였습니다. Read more »

Different, exciting and memorable Kashgar

My impressions of Kashgar are ones of awe and delight; awe at the extraordinary sights to behold across the city and delight at the warmth and friendliness of the Uyghur people.
The key sights in town include the old city, markets and the street life.  Eating seems to be a major preoccupation, and much of it occurs on the edge of the busy streets and lanes.  Lamb and bread are the staples; lamb is cut from the carcass and then marinated, skewered and BBQ’d all within meters of one another, and large ovens produce wonderful flat breads by the thousands.  Smoke from the ovens and BBQs fill the air. Traffic wends its way noisily past the pedestrians and eateries. Read more »