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Exchange Money in Kashgar and Hotan

Money Exchange in Kashgar There are various options for travelers to exchange money in Kashgar. Option One: Bank of China, it is located at No. 53 Peoples East Road at the Peoples Square in Kashgar city. You can also withdraw money from your credit card from the ATM located outside the bank.

Train from Urumqi to Hotan (Khotan)

The train from Kashgar to Hotan officially started to carry passengers from end of June 2011. It’s total distance is 488.27 KM. The construction work started in Dec 2008 and completed Nov 2010. It goes through 10 counties before it reaches to Hotan from Kashgar. Now the starting point of the train is Urumqi and ending […]

Uyghur Wrestling Competition will be held in Hotan

There will be Uyghur wrestling competetion held in Cultural and Sports Activity Centre of Shorbagh Town of Hotan city from 5th, 6th and 7th of February 2011.

Train from Kashgar to Hotan

According to Xinhua news agency, Kashgar to Hotan train started to transport cargo on 30th of Dec 2010, and passenger transport is expected to begin in June, according to a local official.

Train from Kashgar to Hotan

Kashgar to Hotan Train scheduled to officially operate on 10th of Dec 2010. Kashgar Hotan Railway Line is 488.27 Km long, spent of 5.073 billion yuan.The construction work began in Dec of 2008, 1st August 2009 began to pun the railway line track, and completed the putting railway track in 6th of Nov 2010.

Seventh Hotan Jade Cultural Tourism Festival

Seventh Hotan Jade Cultural Tourism Festival will be held on August 25th in Unity Square of Hotan city.