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Conquering Time

Standing high above Tashkurgen, surrounded by old Tajik homes and alleys, the Stone City rests on a shattered foundation: a sea of ​​stones littered on a mound of dirt. A rocky path leads up to the remains of what could only have been a magnificent city wall. As I pass the wall, the unthinkable happens: […]

Information about Frequency of Bus from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Sost of Pakistan on Karakorum Highway (KKH)

There are two daily buses from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Sost of Pakistan which runs 1st of May to 31st of Dec every year. The Khunjerab border is closed between 1st of Jan to 30th of April every year. There are two bus stations in Kashgar which operates bus between Kashgar and Pakistan. The distance between Kashgar […]