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Gobi March 2012 will be held in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar!

The Gobi March for 2012 begins 10th June in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar. It is said that it’s lot like the Marathon des Sables: the race is 250km which spread over 7 days, participants will carry everything they need themselves.

New Flight Route between Hongkong and Kashgar

New Flight Route between Hongkong and Kashgar will be open soon

China Southern Airlines is a one of the three biggest airlines in China. It operates daily flights between Urumqi and Kashgar. The new flight route reported on China Daily news between Hongkong and Kashgar with a short stopover in Urumqi. It reported that the new flight opened with the hope to boost economic and cultural […]

Promoting of Kashgar Tourism in Singaporean Market and Possible Flight Connection

There are various development projects going on in Xinjiang about its cities by local government. Each cities or prefectures tied up with industrialized and developed cities government in mainland China for the sustainable development of the Region. Business people from those cities led by their local government came to various cities of Xinjiang to see […]

Exchange Money in Kashgar and Hotan

Money Exchange in Kashgar There are various options for travelers to exchange money in Kashgar. Option One: Bank of China, it is located at No. 53 Peoples East Road at the Peoples Square in Kashgar city. You can also withdraw money from your credit card from the ATM located outside the bank.

Buying Chinese Train Tickets Online in Kashgar

Buying train tickets always had been headache for people because there is only few train ticket selling outlets in the city. If there is none in the city, one has to go to train station to buy the ticket. Most of the train stations are situated outside of city, and requires one to particularly travel […]

Winter in Kashgar

Two days ago the weather in Kashgar dropped dramatically. Now, there are fewer electric bikes cruising the roads, which means more people fighting for taxis. The city has slowed down a little, but is still alive. Though the streets are still busy with activity, the roads are deserted much earlier in the evening. The sun […]

The second five star hotel project in Kashgar

The second five star hotel project in Kashgar started 19th March this year and scheduled to complete the construction work by Dec this year. The name of the hotel is Kashgar Yin Rui Lin International Hotel which is located at the northeast side of Kashgar city Jianshe Road and Xincheng Nan Road intersection. It will […]

Qinibagh is the first hotel to built five star hotel in Kashgar

Kashgar developed faster than ever last few years, this can be seen clearly from hospitality sector. Half a decade ago, three start hotels considered best in town. But today, even four star hotels can’t satisfy the need of both business and leisure travelers. Number of business traveler who visits Kashgar increased significantly recent years, especially […]

Amber Jewelry in Kashgar

The first time a man we’ll call Abdul walked in off the streets of Kashgar, and showed off his Amber, we were admittedly ignorant. We could not tell that it was valuable. He told us that he sold it for thousands and thousands of RMB. What he didn’t sell in his shop, he sent via […]

first snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow for the year of 2011 started yesterday evening and it thickened to around 15 cm this evening. It is hard to see this much snow in Kashgar, because kashgar belongs to dry climate and it is hard to see rain in summer and snow in winter since we are so close to Second […]