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Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand, Kashgar

This is the follow up post for Kashgar Davakul Taklamakan Desert. Second option for tourist from Kashgar to visit Desert is Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand. It is 40 km from Yarkand downtown and 240 km to Kashgar. You will be driving towards the southeast of Kashgar city. Along the way, you will pass by […]

Kashgar Dawakul Taklamakan Desert

Kashgar is an Old Silk Road oasis town located in the extreme west of the immense Taklimakan desert (Also spelled as Taklamakan Desert). There are a few good options  available for travelers if they want to experience the shifting desert beauty in Kashgar by staying overnight or doing some trekking in Taklamakan Desert.