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Magnitude Earthquake hit Urumqi

2.5 Magnitude Earthquake hit Urumqi

According to Xinjiang Earthquake measuring bureau, 2.5 magnitude earthquake hit Urumqi city at 18:27, 29th of August 2012. It felt by 8km area, at altitude of 43. 8° north, and 87.6° East of Urumqi city. Urumqi Railway Station Bureau closed the earthquake affected areas of Lan-Xin Railway Line (22.5 km), but after careful inspection of […]

Direct flights from Urumqi to Istanbul of Turkey

In recent years, central governments carrying out various development projects in Xinjiang to develop the region and increase peoples living standard. Developed cities from mainland China assigned to various cities in Xinjiang by central government. Today, various projects are going on every city by developed cities government and successful business man from those cities. It […]

Train from Urumqi to Hotan (Khotan)

The train from Kashgar to Hotan officially started to carry passengers from end of June 2011. It’s total distance is 488.27 KM. The construction work started in Dec 2008 and completed Nov 2010. It goes through 10 counties before it reaches to Hotan from Kashgar. Now the starting point of the train is Urumqi and ending […]

Moscow-Urumqi Direct Flights

There are direct flights from MOSCOW to URUMQI that are quite cheap. In the high season (June-July) you can get a round trip for around 600 USD.  ( If you are planning to visit Xinjiang this summer and you are in Europe, why not try to pass through Moscow. The challenge now is to get […]

Buses Anyone? Urumqi to Kashgar by Sleeper Bus

Today I received an email from my sister-in-law. She just returned to the States. It seemed to me that she left less than 24 hours ago. She flew from Shanghai to Detroit and even managed to clean out her attic when I received the email. I was shocked at how quickly she arrived. She had […]

Urumqi to Kashgar: To Train or to Plane That is the Question

A frequent question that never grows old is: “Should I fly or or is the train really worth it?”  If this was 6 years ago, I would not have hesitated to say “YES! Take the train!  It’s absolutely necessary otherwise you won’t get the real feel of things.  If you want to travel and soak […]