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Uyghur Kebab

Uyghur Food “Kebab”

There are various forms of Kebab’s available for Uyghur’s and tourist to try in Xinjiang. Kebab is the common name referred to regular Kebab which cost 2 RMB to up to 5 RMB depending on where they are selling. It is also easy to find since almost all the Uyghur restaurants offer this type of […]

Uyghur diapers not the tobacco pipes!

You will see this type of wood pipes a lot while you are strolling around the Old Town or Handicraft Street in Kashgar. You also see in old parts of towns in other cities of Southern Xinjiang because the culture of making this wood pipe is only preserved only certain old parts of big cities […]

The Uyghur Way of Making Naan Bread!!!

Uyghur bread, called “Nan”, is a staple food for all locals in Xinjiang. The way Nan’s are baked is most interesting and looks quite challenging. Click “Read more” to watch a video on how Uyghur bakers put their Nan’s in the oven.


2011년 4월 6일 카슈가르에 도착. 4월 7일~4월 8일 카라쿨리 호수~타슈쿠르간~쿤자랍패스(홍치라포)를 다녀왔습니다. 4월 9일 타클라마칸 1일 투어까지 총 3일 동안 이 곳 가이드와 함께 하였습니다. 신장에서 영어가 통하는 유일한 곳이 아닐까 싶습니다. 다른 여행사를 알아보려 했지만 바로 옆 치니와커 빈관은 공사 중이었고 여행 책자에 나온 중국 현지 여행사들은 이미 사라지고 없는 상태였습니다.

Uyghur Wrestling Competition will be held in Hotan

There will be Uyghur wrestling competetion held in Cultural and Sports Activity Centre of Shorbagh Town of Hotan city from 5th, 6th and 7th of February 2011.