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Winter in Kashgar

Two days ago the weather in Kashgar dropped dramatically. Now, there are fewer electric bikes cruising the roads, which means more people fighting for taxis. The city has slowed down a little, but is still alive. Though the streets are still busy with activity, the roads are deserted much earlier in the evening. The sun […]

first snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow for the year of 2011 started yesterday evening and it thickened to around 15 cm this evening. It is hard to see this much snow in Kashgar, because kashgar belongs to dry climate and it is hard to see rain in summer and snow in winter since we are so close to Second […]

Winter in Tashkurgan on Pamir Plateau

As can be seen clearly from the numerous posts about how great Tashkorgan is on this site, we as well as other people love it there. It’s one of the main attractions and ‘must see’ places near Kashgar. People always love their trips to Tashkorgan. So as winter approaches, tourists should be aware of the […]