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Conquering Time

Standing high above Tashkurgen, surrounded by old Tajik homes and alleys, the Stone City rests on a shattered foundation: a sea of ​​stones littered on a mound of dirt. A rocky path leads up to the remains of what could only have been a magnificent city wall. As I pass the wall, the unthinkable happens: […]

The oasis at the heart of the Silk Road

Note: We published this article here after the author of the article agreed us to publish it in our blog. This article published in website on 24th of Oct this year after the author Vera Penêda traveled in Kashgar and surrounding area with us. You can access to original article click here!



How Bazaar – A Guide to Kashgar’s Ancient-Modern Markets

Roman aristocrat. Sogdian trader. Chinese silk weaver. A complex web of business that linked these and others from diverse walks of life almost 2,000 years ago found its center in Kashgar. Over the centuries that followed, empires rose and fell, trading moved from the backs of camels to the seven seas, and Kashgar’s markets slipped […]

Far from the city : no hustle no bustle!

Welcome to Tashkorgan… peaceful, calm, green, fresh, clean, relaxing. These are some of the words that come first to your mind when you get to this really nice scenery. It feels so nice to arrive at this amazing place after a few hours trip from Kashgar. Actually, it can take anywhere from 6 to more […]

The Kashgar Gallery Cafe Tashkurgan trip experience – Can’t Get Enough of the Mountains!!!

We set out early in the morning from Kashgar and enjoyed a smooth ride all the way to Tashkorgan (also spelled Tashkurgan).  The best way to get there is to take a private car or van, depending on how many people.  Our Kashgar driver was very experienced, he made sure that we were awake and […]

Tashkorgan Overnight Trip – Fully Satisfied

Kashgar itself is a worthwhile travel experience on its own but it is also the gateway to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery we’ve ever seen – the Pamir mountains. The folks at the Gallery Cafe helped us to book a comfortable car and driver for the 5 hour journey to Tashkorgan (on the […]

Enjoy While You Can – Beautiful Weather in Kashgar

When we moved here, everyone told us, don’t worry. Kashgar is warm. It doesn’t get cold. It barely snows. You’ll barely need heating. Soon we found out, they were all lies. This time last year, we were absolutely freezing in our cafe with a very poorly equipped heating system. Everyone told us it didn’t get […]

Different, exciting and memorable Kashgar

My impressions of Kashgar are ones of awe and delight; awe at the extraordinary sights to behold across the city and delight at the warmth and friendliness of the Uyghur people. The key sights in town include the old city, markets and the street life.  Eating seems to be a major preoccupation, and much of […]

The Telephoto Lens Visits Kashgar

We see the mountains from our home. I still remember the day we moved in; we smiled as the snow capped mountains sparkled in the distance. They were already part of our life. Our life in Kashgar. My husband and I moved here to open a cafe. We traveled here once and just loved the […]