Enjoy While You Can – Beautiful Weather in Kashgar

When we moved here, everyone told us, don’t worry. Kashgar is warm. It doesn’t get cold. It barely snows. You’ll barely need heating. Soon we found out, they were all lies. This time last year, we were absolutely freezing in our cafe with a very poorly equipped heating system. Everyone told us it didn’t get cold!!!

This year, we extended our radiator system. We also sealed the cracks in the doors and made our cafe a lot more cozy. We were ready for the cold this time. When the end of October came, we were ready to turn the heating on. All buildings with centralized heating started the last few days of October, but then something happened-it warmed up! The weather in Kashgar has been absolutely beautiful the past few weeks. Of course, in the evenings it cools down, but during the day, the sun warms the air and makes it feel like spring. This is much much warmer than last year, which by the end of October, as soon as the temperature dropped everyone went into hibernation. The streets were deserted and businesses suffered. This year, the streets are still bustling with activity. As everyone prepares to celebrate the Islamic Korban festival, they are rushing in last minute shopping and preparation for the 5 day holiday this year. It seems like everyone is enjoying the warm weather as much as us!

Note: This article contributed to our blog from Gallery Cafe in Kashgar when they left from Kashgar middle of  last summer. The original article was published in 11th Nov 2010. We posted here because we thought it might be helpful for fellow travelers to make future Xinjiang travel plan. We missed Gallery Cafe!

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