Far from the city : no hustle no bustle!

Welcome to Tashkorgan… peaceful, calm, green, fresh, clean, relaxing. These are some of the words that come first to your mind when you get to this really nice scenery.

It feels so nice to arrive at this amazing place after a few hours trip from Kashgar. Actually, it can take anywhere from 6 to more than 10 hours whether the road is destroyed by the rain or not!!
But to tell the truth it is worth all the pain in the world!

Only spend a few hours and you will begin to forget what city noise is. It is like an another world. When you get there feel free to walk around and explore (or get lost in) this amazing country side. If you want to enjoy it to the full you’d better buy some goulashes before hand. That way you can enjoy the freedom as the local cows do in the grasslands.

Feel free also so to take a walk into the fields not far from Tashkurgan village and stop a little while to chat with the local farmers. They are shy but really welcoming!
If you go by car you can even go there and be back to Kashgar in a day. But to rush it would be a huge shame since the place is so amazing…especially if you get up early and enjoy the scenery under the morning light.

You can find very cheap motels in Tashkorgan. For example the traffic hotel is the cheapest. You can get a bed for 15 yuan a night. It is Chinese standard, this is the place where most of the drivers stay for the night. It is ok clean and comfortable enough but there is no bathroom in the room…actually there is just one restroom shared by everybody else renting the cheap beds (they also have more expensive rooms with bathroom included!).

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