The Telephoto Lens Visits Kashgar

We see the mountains from our home. I still remember the day we moved in; we smiled as the snow capped mountains sparkled in the distance. They were already part of our life. Our life in Kashgar. My husband and I moved here to open a cafe. We traveled here once and just loved the pace of life. It was nice and relaxed. The kids ran and laughed and played all the way home from school. The smoke from the kebabs filled the air. The donkey carts trotted happily amidst the motorbikes and construction trucks. But when these very special moments become part of your life, it’s easy to forget how extremely special they really are.

My parents came to visit recently. We had already been to the mountains. We admired them everyday. Sure, I enjoyed the trips up there. But my dad, equipped with his telephoto lens on his camera brought that enjoyment to a different level. The ride from Kashgar took about 4 hours. It seemed as if every few hundred meters the landscape changed completely. From striking red lined mountains to sand dunes to snow capped, the view never ceased to amaze us. Each cloud that floated affected the sunlight and cast a new shadow to create a fresh photo op for my dad. Ten more pictures he clicked away. Then there were the grasslands. Ten from the ground, ten with the mountains behind and ten of our rubber boots and shoes with miles and miles of grasslands that stretched behind. My dad asked questions like “how high are we?” “how high is Mustagh-ata?” questions that moved me to search online. According to one reference, Mustagh-ata, the highest peak on our way to Tashkorgan, is 35th in the world. For us, a drive out to the 35th highest mountain peak in the world is only a few hours away (and K2, a few more hours toward Pakistan is the second highest peak in the world). Only my dad’s questions and telephoto lens caused me to realize how spectacular that was. The other peaks in competition were all in Nepal, Pakistan, India and Western China. That’s right, they’re all in our backyard.


So my life has changed. Every time I see those mountains in the distance from my living room window, my heart jumps at the thought of what a spectacular and adventurous life we live. We don’t do anything special, the mountains are just there.

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