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China Southern Airlines to Launch Direct Flight to Kaohsiung of Taiwan

China Southern Airlines has received approval from Taiwan Aviation authority to launch 3 direct flight from Urumqi of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to Kaohsiung of Taiwan. The three direct flights scheduled for 12th, 19th and 26th of March. The airline representative have said that these three flights are already in the system, but not ready […]

Nowruz Mubarak

Nowruz Festival

Nowruz Mubarak! Nowruz means “New Day” in Persian Language. It is the first day of spring and the beginning of the New Year in Iranian Calendar. Uyghurs absorbed this word as Noruz.   21stof March is a Noruz festival which is celebrated by countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdish regions of Iraq, Turkey and central Asian countries.

first snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow for the year of 2011 started yesterday evening and it thickened to around 15 cm this evening. It is hard to see this much snow in Kashgar, because kashgar belongs to dry climate and it is hard to see rain in summer and snow in winter since we are so close to Second […]

Kashgar Safety

As much as I love Kashgar and it’s people, I must say that lately it hasn’t been the safest place…for your pockets and bags. A few months ago, it seemed as if more and more “cell phone sellers” were on the streets trying to discreetly sell some “second-hand” cell phones. At first I thought that Kashgar […]

Turpan Travel Tips

When my friend came from Switzerland to visit, I thought this was the perfect chance to do some tourism of my own. So we decided to make Turpan our first stop. I should have brought my Lonely Planet with me, at least I would have had an idea of where to stay. As soon as […]

Uyghur Kebab

Uyghur Food “Kebab”

There are various forms of Kebab’s available for Uyghur’s and tourist to try in Xinjiang. Kebab is the common name referred to regular Kebab which cost 2 RMB to up to 5 RMB depending on where they are selling. It is also easy to find since almost all the Uyghur restaurants offer this type of […]

Uyghur diapers not the tobacco pipes!

You will see this type of wood pipes a lot while you are strolling around the Old Town or Handicraft Street in Kashgar. You also see in old parts of towns in other cities of Southern Xinjiang because the culture of making this wood pipe is only preserved only certain old parts of big cities […]

The Silk Road Lives on in Kashgar

2011-07-13 16:15:57      Web Editor: Duan Xuelian The western Chinese city of Kashgar is the living remnant of Silk Road culture. Original Source is:

The Uyghur Way of Making Naan Bread!!!

Uyghur bread, called “Nan”, is a staple food for all locals in Xinjiang. The way Nan’s are baked is most interesting and looks quite challenging. Click “Read more” to watch a video on how Uyghur bakers put their Nan’s in the oven.

“不到喀什,不算到新疆” meaning is “Haven’t Been To Kashgar, You Haven’t Seen Xinjiang”!

“不到喀什,不算到新疆” meaning is “Haven’t Been to Kashgar, Haven’t Seen the Real Xinjiang”, it is the motto of Kashgar. If you come to Xinjiang but haven’t been to Kashgar, you are considered you haven’t seen the real Xinjiang. There are many reasons for this saying because Kashgar is the important hub on the Ancient Silk Road […]