First snow in Kashgar for the winter of 2011

First snow for the year of 2011 started yesterday evening and it thickened to around 15 cm this evening. It is hard to see this much snow in Kashgar, because kashgar belongs to dry climate and it is hard to see rain in summer and snow in winter since we are so close to Second Largest Shifting desert in the world.

Kashgar Id Kah Mosque

Kashgar Id Kah Mosque

Temperature is dropped between 0℃  to – 2℃ for today and tomorrow but it is going to be more colder in following days. It is said that lowest temperature for the year is – 24 ℃ and annual rainfall is 27 millimeters.

People likes snow because snow is the main source of water for irrigation. Even though the water for drinking is from tap, but the water for farming is from surrounding mountains. Due to global warming, last few years, the snow on Kunlun and Tianshan Mountains melted more than it suppose to be. Due to this,  some cities local government drilled well for future irrigation in order to ensure the water supply for farming since it is the main source of income for locals.

You might think how the local people keep themselves warm during winter. Usually, houses in the flat have heating system but houses built by people themselves in the city and villages are kept warm by burning cold or wood in their stove.

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