Kashgar Safety

As much as I love Kashgar and it’s people, I must say that lately it hasn’t been the safest place…for your pockets and bags. A few months ago, it seemed as if more and more “cell phone sellers” were on the streets trying to discreetly sell some “second-hand” cell phones. At first I thought that Kashgar is too small a city for thieves to prosper, but now I think the city is growing fast and getting bigger everyday. Making Kashgar a new Economic Zone like Shenzhen not only attracts investors with pockets full of goodies, but also pick-pockets.

In the last few weeks, twice I had someone try to fish something out of my bag while I was walking on the sidewalk. Once it was at night and once it was in the middle of the day. As I felt something pulling on me, I quickly turned around and ended up having this guy in my face with his hand on my bag. He let it go and went his way. I was happy things didn’t go any further.
This experience isn’t here to make Kashgar look bad, but it’s to prepare future travelers to be more cautious, as they would be in some parts of London or New York.

Safety Tips :
Make a copy of your passport and visa, and keep it in a safe place.
Keep your bag in front of you, even when you are walking on a sidewalk
Don’t carry too much cash in your pocket. Do what the Uyghur mamas do : Tuck it down your tights !

Hope you all enjoy a SAFE and nice time in beautiful Kashgar.

Note: This article contributed to our blog from Gallery Cafe in Kashgar when they left from Kashgar middle of  last summer. The original article was published in 9th  12 2010. We posted here because we thought it might be helpful for fellow travelers to make future Xinjiang travel plan. We missed Gallery Cafe!

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