The Uyghur Way of Making Naan Bread!!!

Uyghur bread, called “Nan”, is a staple food for all locals in Xinjiang. The way Nan’s are baked is most interesting and looks quite challenging. Click “Read more” to watch a video on how Uyghur bakers put their Nan’s in the oven.

The oven Uyghur people use to bake their bread is unique. The inner wall is salted, so sometimes under the bread you might find some small pieces of salt. Unlike an Italian pizza oven that has an opening on the side, the Uyghur oven has it’s opening on the top. The challenge is to get the bread inside. If you are craving for a burger, why not try to the “Nan Kebab Burger”. When you order your Kebabs ask the Kebab boy to heat up a small Nan while he’s at it. Once the kebabs are done you can put them on the Nan that you folded in half, pull out the metal sticks and you got yourself a lamb burger!!!

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