Train from Kashgar to Hotan

Kashgar to Hotan Train scheduled to officially operate on 10th of Dec 2010. Kashgar Hotan Railway Line is 488.27 Km long, spent of 5.073 billion yuan.The construction work began in Dec of 2008, 1st August 2009 began to pun the railway line track, and completed the putting railway track in 6th of Nov 2010.

Hotan Railway Station and other related buildings completed the construction, and now doing the main decoration work. There will be 10 train stations on the way. It will pass by 10 counties and cities along the way (Kashgar, Shule, Aktu, Yingsar, Yarkand, Zefu, Karghilik, Pishan, Karkash, and Hotan).

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