Under Construction – The Gallery Cafe Kashgar

After much thought and more thought The Gallery Cafe has made a bold decision. We rented out the upstairs and we’re renovating the downstairs. Two days ago a man walked in from the streets of Kashgar and wanted to rent out our basement. We told him it wasn’t available but if he was interested in the upstairs, we could rent it out.

He marched upstairs to get a good look. Two customers quietly sipped their coffees unsuspectingly. The man then came back down and announced to us that he wanted the place and was ready to sign the papers. He did it the Kashgar way by pulling out a wad of cash to show us how serious he was. We waited a day to decide if this was what we really wanted and signed the contract the next day. Two hours later when the last customers left our cafe, we began our move. First went the sofas, then the pillows came out the windows then all the other furniture and finally the stairs. The local Kashgar residents were all excited by the commotion we cause on this little street.

Though we were told repeatedly that Kashgar does not get cold in the winter. It is absolutely not true. Don’t believe the lies. Kashgar is cold in the winter. Really cold; especially if you don’t have heating. This winter we spent most our money on gas trying to heat the upstairs. Our cafe was just starting and we were low on funds. But the upstairs was not insulated, therefore we spent most of the winter in an icy cafe. Now with only the downstairs to heat, and we’ll add seating inside, we will have a nice and toasty place to welcome the residents of Kashgar this winter.

And so our furniture is sits comfortably on the sidewalk. They’ve only been there about 4 hours and already we have customers enjoying the street. Sipping their ice coffee and playing cards; it’s the perfect little cafe to visit when you go to Kashgar. The stair railing is placed behind the seating to create a very cool semi-private little terrace. Imagination is the key. We are afterall, the Gallery Cafe of Kashgar.

Note: This article contributed to our blog from Gallery Cafe in Kashgar when they left from Kashgar middle of  summer 2011. We missed Gallery Cafe!

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