Uyghur Food “Kebab”

There are various forms of Kebab’s available for Uyghur’s and tourist to try in Xinjiang. Kebab is the common name referred to regular Kebab which cost 2 RMB to up to 5 RMB depending on where they are selling. It is also easy to find since almost all the Uyghur restaurants offer this type of Kebab in Xinjiang. Depending on where you are dining, price of the Kebab’s and varieties of Kebab’s increase as the environment improves.

Simple and regular Kebab is consisting of few piece of lamb with either one piece of fat or liver. Adding either fat or liver gives more taste to the Kebab and also keeps the cost low. Local people usually eat Kebab with Nan Bread or Kebab with other food such as noodle and so on.

Kebab’s usually grilled with metal skewer, but you can also find the Kebab grilled with wooden skewer. The wooden skewer you encounter more in the village or remote markets but restaurants mostly use metal skewer. If the Kebab grilled with wooden skewer, it adds more taste to the Kebab.

If Uyghur’s say Kebab, it is referred to lamb or sheep Kebab. We do have Kebab’s by other animals, but lamb is most popular one. Other types of Kebab’s include; Pigeon Kebab, fish Kebab, chicken Kebab and Sparrow Kebab. The last two you can only see during the winter or only in certain village markets around Xinjiang.

Uyghur Kebab

Regular Kebab is two types, which are Togramqe Kebab and Qirma Kebab, but most places in Xinjiang offer Togramqe Kebab. Other forms of Kebabs include; rib Kebab, Jungle Kebab, back Kebab, liver Kebab, and kidney Kebab.

Depending on the types of Kebab, different types of spices are used during the process of grilling or roasting it. Most common forms of spices include; cummin seed, grounded chilli, and salt.

If you wish to taste real Uyghur Kebab, we advise you to come to our office and ask for direction. Because places change from time to time and we don’t find it right to list down the names of the Uyghur Kebab Houses here in order to avoid mistakes. For the recent information, please contact with us from our contact us page of our blog.


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