About Kashgar time and pronunciation of the some cities

Some things to be aware of are the time difference between Kashgar and Beijing.  Although China supposedly has one time zone for the entire country, Xinjiang has what is known as local time which is two hours behind Beijing time.  Make sure you are aware as your airplane and train tickets will be issued in Beijing time, not local time.  You don’t want to miss your flight or train (or maybe you do!).
The other difference is in the pronunciation of the names of cities eg Kashgar in Mandarin is Kashi (pron. Car-sher), Urumqi in Uyghur is pronounced Urumqi, and in Mandarin, Wooloomoochi ( wulumuqi) .  Turpan in Manadarin is pronounced Tooloofan (Tulufan)
So if you want a very different, exciting and exotic travel experience, please consider Kashgar.  Your time here will certainly be memorable.

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  1. Sezer says:

    Dude, you’ve asked the right guys! Sir Francis and I have both been on seperate ooaisccns, and it’s one of the best places I’ve traveled too. You can forget Urumqi, the place is a dump. Turpan is PHENOMENAL, and we can hook you up with an excellent and economical guide if you want one (which you do, believe me). I’ve only been that far Younghusband (both the real life one and on this blog!) has explored the regions nearer to Pakistan, out in Kashgar and the mountains approaching the Kyrgyz Republic. Feel free to use the contact form in the ABOUT section to contact us directly for more information.

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