Buying Chinese Train Tickets Online in Kashgar

Buying train tickets always had been headache for people because there is only few train ticket selling outlets in the city. If there is none in the city, one has to go to train station to buy the ticket. Most of the train stations are situated outside of city, and requires one to particularly travel there to buy their ticket. In those ticket selling places, people have to wait in long queues for hours and hours in order to get the train ticket.  Some people even travel few hours before the  ticket office open. This is especially the case during holiday times. Holidays like Chinese New Year, one week long Oct Holiday, May Holiday, and Jan, Feb, June, July and Sep are the student holiday travelling periods. During these times, it is difficult to buy train ticket due to a lot of people are travelling.

In order to solve this problem, Ministry of Railway launched it is online booking system end of 2011 which allows people to book their train tickets online. In order to avoid ticket scalpers to take advantage of these special occasions, China’s Railway system will carry out an online ticket booking system and a real name ticket purchasing system, which requires passengers to provide their ID numbers when buying tickets during peak travel seasons. The tickets can be bought by the Ministry’s online booking system. Here is their website:

If one needs to buy train ticket in Kashgar, they can buy it from city or from Railway Station of Kashgar. The one in the city situated at the lobby of Kashgar Prefecture Bus Station.

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