Direct flights from Urumqi to Istanbul of Turkey

In recent years, central governments carrying out various development projects in Xinjiang to develop the region and increase peoples living standard. Developed cities from mainland China assigned to various cities in Xinjiang by central government. Today, various projects are going on every city by developed cities government and successful business man from those cities. It is still too early to tell how well did it benefit local economy since it is still the early stage of strategic plan. One of the development project is to boost the local tourism of Xinjiang by utilizing its natural, historical and cultural resources.

Availabilities and affordability of flights from Xinjiang to various surrounding countries and regions are important in order to boost the Xinjiang’s local tourism.  Most recent initiative taken by China Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines were to open direct flight route between Urumqi and Istanbul of Turkey. Because,  we Uyghur’s are closely related to our brothers and sisters in Turkey. We have so much in common in our, language,  culture and custom. The direct flight routes between Urumqi and Istanbul will make it available and affordable for two countries citizens to visit each other.

China Hainan Airlines offered the direct linking Shanghai with Urumqi and the Istanbul of Turkey on 11th July 2011. There will be two weekly flights from Shanghai Pudung International Airport to Istanbul with layover for the flights in Urumqi. It is considered fourth biggest airline in the county. (source: People’s Daily Online)

China Southern Airlines offered direct flight service linking Beijing with Urumqi and Istanbul of Turkey on 22nd Nov 2011. There will be three flights each week on every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. The Urumqi International Airport will act as a stop – over for the journey. (source: Xinhua )

Turkish Airlines have direct non-stop flight service to Beijing from Istanbul. We wish that the direct flight between Turkey to Urumqi will benefit both sides by promote the cultural exchange and economic benefit for both sides.

(References: People’s Daily Online, and Xinhua)

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