Exchange Money in Kashgar and Hotan

Money Exchange in Kashgar

There are various options for travelers to exchange money in Kashgar.

Option One: Bank of China, it is located at No. 53 Peoples East Road at the Peoples Square in Kashgar city. You can also withdraw money from your credit card from the ATM located outside the bank.

Option Two: Black market in front of Qinibagh Hotel. There are number of shops located at the right side of the main gate of Qinibagh Hotel, there you can exchange almost all kinds of money which you can’t exchange at the bank. Blank market usually offer better exchange rate than the bank if you know the exchange rate.

Third Three: Reception of the main tourist hotel, where you also can exchange money, but exchange rate is usually much lower than the first two options.

Exchange money in Hotan

There are not many places in Hotan where you can exchange money. Best and only the place to exchange money in Khotan is the main branch of Bank of China in Khotan, it is located at No.75 Wulumuqi South Road,  Hotan City.

Note: Main branches of Bank of China has installed some new ATM machines in these two cities where you can withdraw money from your ATM machine by using ATM card of your foreign card. You can withdraw money without going to main branch.

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