Gobi March 2012 will be held in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar!

The Gobi March for 2012 begins 10th June in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar. It is said that it’s lot like the Marathon des Sables: the race is 250km which spread over 7 days, participants will carry everything they need themselves.



It is estimated that the average temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. There are total 166 registered participants from more than 30 countries, among which 29 are women. The participants age range between 21 to 69. The oldest woman is the 50-year-old Mallette Dela Riva, a Filipino based in Hong Kong. The oldest man is the American Robert Hutchinson, 69, who also lives in Hong Kong.  Largest participants are from Australia, Britain, South Korea, and United States.

There are some training sessions available to interested parties; you can obtain more information about the their event from the link here.  Here is youtube promotional link to the video from 2011 .
Source: Blog, nytimes & 4deserts

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