Information about Frequency of Bus from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Sost of Pakistan on Karakorum Highway (KKH)

There are two daily buses from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Sost of Pakistan which runs 1st of May to 31st of Dec every year. The Khunjerab border is closed between 1st of Jan to 30th of April every year. There are two bus stations in Kashgar which operates bus between Kashgar and Pakistan. The distance between Kashgar to Tashkorgan is 290KM and Tashkorgan to Khunjerab Pass is 125 KM and Kunjerab to Sost is 85 KM.

Kashgar International Bus Station
The bus leaves from Kashgar to Pakistan every morning at 10:00AM (12:00 AM Beijing Time) local time from Kashgar International Bus Station. The bus will stop overnight in Tashkorgan at Triffic Hotel and leaves to Sost of Pakistan early

next morning.
Price of the ticket is issued at 270 RMB to Sost and 350 RMB to Gilgit all the way from Kashgar. It is a sleeper bus.
Address: No. 5 Kashgar Airport Road Kashgar Xinjiang

Tashkorgan Bus Station
Another bus to Sost of Pakistan leaves from Tashkorgan Bus Station in Tashkorgan. It is 36 seated sleeper bus. It leaves at 8:00 AM (10:00AM Beijing Time) Local Time from Tashkorgan Bus station, the price of the ticket is issued at 225 RMB per person.
Address: At Tashkorgan Downtown

Note for Travelers:
• If you are already in Tashkorgan, you can also catch the next day morning bus to Sost, ticket is issued at 230 RMB per person.
• There is a checkpoint called Gaz where foreigners asked to show their valid visa and passport. Chinese citizens asked to show their ID card together with permit which they obtain in frontier military office in Kashgar.
• Bus will be postponed till next morning if there is less than 13 people on the bus.

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