Information about travelling from Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan via Torugart and Irkeshtam Borders

There are two borders between kyrgyzstan to China which are (also called Torugart Pass) and Irkeshtam Border (Irkeshtam Pass). These two borders regulations bit different from one another.

One must know that Torugart Border is opened for the purpose of business; therefore only citizens of China and Kirgizstan allowed to travel unless special permits are obtained. If a foreigner wants to cross this border to either country, one must have permit on top of their valid China or Kirgiz Visa, which they can only get through Travel Service on either sides. On top of permit, you must arrange car and guide on both side otherwise you can’t cross the border.

Reference purpose only: Kashgar to Naryn is 350 KM and 170 KM to Torgat. The bus goes all the way to Bishkek. Price of this ticket is issued at 1000 RMB to Bishkek and 370 RMB to Naryn. It is leaves at 7:30 AM Local time (9:30 AM Beijing Time). Price of the ticket is same to either direction. This bus is not for foreigners, it is only for Chinese and Kirgizstan business people.

Irkeshtam Border doesn’t require you to obtain permit, or any other compulsory arrangements. You can cross the border freely as long as you have valid Visa.

There are three buses from Kashgar to Osh of Kyrgzstan every week from Kashgar International Bus Station; which leaves every Monday, Thursday, Friday at 8:00 AM Local Time (10:00 AM Beijing Time). Ticket is issued at $100 USD or 570 RMB, we advise you to pay at RMB since it is much lower than the US Dollar.

Please note that we can arrange car, guide and permit within short notice at the most competitive price. We can also pick you up or send you off to Irkeshtam border or help you to join with others in order to lower the cost. But you must let us know prior to your arrival.

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