Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand, Kashgar

This is the follow up post for Kashgar Davakul Taklamakan Desert. Second option for tourist from Kashgar to visit Desert is Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand. It is 40 km from Yarkand downtown and 240 km to Kashgar.

You will be driving towards the southeast of Kashgar city. Along the way, you will pass by Yingsar which is famous for Uyghur Yingsar Knives. You can visit the knife workshops and exhibitions. You can buy if you want to but you must discuss with your guide about the current regulations of posting it from Kashgar, because  some tourist can get it out by putting it in their check in language but mostly they couldn’t get it out, also post office have restrictions. Therefore, please ask you guide about the current restriction for mailing and check in to flight.

Next stop will be Yarkand which was the capital of Yarkand  Kingdom or Saydie Kingdom. There is no ruins left of the palace but you can visit their graveyard which locals named it as Golden Graveyard. You can also visit Yarkand Old Town next to Graveyard. For this trip, visiting the old town of Yarkand could be one of the highlights of the trip.

After Yarkand, you will continue your journey to Karasu for visit the Taklamakan Desert. There are not many tourists in this palace other than local tourist. The problem here is the limited number of camels and quality of sand. There aren’t many camels for bigger group to ride also too much bushes which makes one to feel that we took you wrong place not the real desert. Therefore, we really don’t recommend this option to our clients unless they specifically request it.

If you ask our opinion about visiting the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang, we recommend you to do it in Hotan because the quality of Taklamakan Desert from Hotan is really good and very less grass.  If you can’t make it to Hotan then Dawakul Taklamakan Desert is the good option.

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