Kashgar Dawakul Taklamakan Desert

Kashgar is an Old Silk Road oasis town located in the extreme west of the immense Taklimakan desert (Also spelled as Taklamakan Desert). There are a few good options  available for travelers if they want to experience the shifting desert beauty in Kashgar by staying overnight or doing some trekking in Taklamakan Desert.

There are two starting points  available for travelers to experience the Taklamakan Desert from Kashgar. One is from Dawakul Taklamakan Desert in Yupurga and another is from Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand.

Dawakul Taklamakan Desert is located about  130 km east of Kashgar city. Dawakul in Uyghur means “curing lake”.  For many decades people have visited the lake to swim in its water  seeking cures for their ailments. The area around the lake caters to tourists where locals offer delicious oven baked  breads, various  Kebabs, and freshly caught fish.

On the far end of this lake are some inviting  sand dunes that stretch out as far as the eye can see. Visitors  can ride camels,  horses, or dune buggies for a once in a lifetime experience in this magical  desert.  For those adventurers who want to absorb more you can trek into the desert for a few hours or go for days and  camp under the stars. Relaxing after a good meal, with your camel nearby, you will begin to appreciate how the merchants and travelers over 2000 years ago must have felt as they traversed this Great Desert on their long journeys. As you experience any of  these exciting adventures you will surely find a deeper connection with this amazing land.

There are  a  few village markets available to enjoy if you choose. We will let you know which day is  market day along the way according to your schedule.

We will talk about Karasu Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand in our next post.

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