Kashgar Livestock Market: a change in a positive direction

As we know, the most interesting part of the Kashgar Sunday market is the Livestock section. It was moved from its original place 7 years ago, about 6 kilometers southeast of the center of Kashgar and separated from the other sections of the Sunday market.

However, 2 weeks ago as the result of the city of Kashgar being enlarged, redesigned and the extensive new construction in and around the city, the livestock market was moved again. Its present location is on the east side of Kashgar, about 5 kilometers from the city center.

As a result of this move, you can find the livestock market as well as some of the other sections of the original Kashgar Sunday market. For instance, there are sections for poultry, cats, dogs, plants, trees, vegetables and fruit. Now, it is a good place to wander on a Sunday morning, during your city tour of Kashgar.

Taxis will cost about 10 Yuan per Taxi, while the number 28 bus, starting from the Idkah mosque, will only cost 1 Yuan per person. You will need to tell the taxi driver or the bus driver you want to go to the livestock market, or Ulagh Bazbiri in the Uyghur language.

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