Moscow-Urumqi Direct Flights

There are direct flights from MOSCOW to URUMQI that are quite cheap.
In the high season (June-July) you can get a round trip for around 600 USD.  (

If you are planning to visit Xinjiang this summer and you are in Europe, why not try to pass through Moscow. The challenge now is to get to Moscow. This might be the beginning of your adventure.
The same is true the other way around. If you’re an expat in China and plan to go back to Europe this year, why not make a short stop in Xinjiang and Moscow? Visas might be an issue, but this might be an opportunity not to miss.

view from air

view from air

Talking about fights and aviation, the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) plans to build a new airport in the Taklimakan Desert, which will be the first airport built in the desert in China, Beijing Daily reported. The airport is expected to benefit oil exploration and rescue work in the desert. Four new airports are planned for Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015).

Maybe in the future this airport will be the fastest way to the Taklimakan Desert. In any case, let’s hope travelers won’t need it for rescue missions… Remember this motto: Stay Safe, Enjoy Your Life Longer.


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