Promoting of Kashgar Tourism in Singaporean Market and Possible Flight Connection

There are various development projects going on in Xinjiang about its cities by local government. Each cities or prefectures tied up with industrialized and developed cities government in mainland China for the sustainable development of the Region. Business people from those cities led by their local government came to various cities of Xinjiang to see the potential business and investment opportunities. They have invested various industries; of course tourism is one of them. Investing in hospitality sector can be seen clearly from the various four and five star hotels built recently and ongoing constructions.

According to recent information revealed by Kashgar Local Government officials visit to Singapore, they reveal to TTG Asia that they are promoting Kashgar tourism to Singaporeans. They appointed the firm in Singapore for marketing of Kashgar to those regions. The firm revealed that there will be 7 five star hotel properties by the end of 2012 owned by local government and managed by international brands at the same time, there will be weekly chartered flights between Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Paris which is under negotiation. The connection flight to Singapore and Hong Kong Tentatively scheduled to start this summer.

So far, there is a one Singaporean Chinese owned Café in the city of Kashgar and hotel in Tashkurgan at Pamir Plateau who came to Kashgar few years back. We at Kashgar Guide and Xinjiang Travel team hope to see positive benefit of government development projects to local peoples live and culture. Developments always have both positive and negative effect but we want to see more positive benefit than negative for Kashgarians.

Recent years, we are receiving more enquires and tourist about Xinjiang Tour and Travel packages from Singaporeans and Malaysians. The possible direct flight connection to Xinjiang might bring more tourist to Xinjiang and encourage more people to visit Xinjiang and understand about the Uyghurs and other minorities.

Source: TTG Asia

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