The second five star hotel project in Kashgar

The second five star hotel project in Kashgar started 19th March this year and scheduled to complete the construction work by Dec this year. The name of the hotel is Kashgar Yin Rui Lin International Hotel which is located at the northeast side of Kashgar city Jianshe Road and Xincheng Nan Road intersection. It will 36 floors in total, 2 floors will be underground and rest will be on surface. The hotels construction area is 13,9068 square meters.

Completion of this hotel and five star building of Qinibagh (Qiniwake in Chinese) hotel will help both local government and local travel companies to promoting the Kashgar tourism to another new level. We are also hoping that the big projects like this contributes to local economy by benefiting local people and reduce the government burden by reducing the unemployment.

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