The Stars Dance

Many people come here for one thing: to be lost in the wild !

Kashgar (or kashi) is the door to amazing places such as Tashkorgan (or Tashkurgan) in the Pamirs.
Other than the beauty of the wild and the mountains you can have the chance to observe another spectacular scene: the stars dancing with the mountains!

There are some extraordinary things hidden to our eyes that a camera can reveal as if it were magic.
Being far from any city light or other kind of pollution you can enjoy here a pure immaculate sky. Photography amateurs will enjoy taking long exposure pictures and appreciate watching the stars dancing.

Ok enough poetry now… let’s talk about technique, for those who are interested you can take the same picture with a 518 seconds exposure with 8f aperture. You don’t need any special device such as a remote control – I kept the camera shutter pressed for such a long time with…..a stone !! That is definitely much cheaper than a remote control.

By the way if ever you come to Kashgar and need anything like lenses, camera, battery, filters, tripods etc. there is one place, only one, a shop called « CANON »(they also have all the other brands) You can find it by walking west on the south side of the « Ren Min Xi Lu » road from « Best food fast food » right in the middle of the city.

Note: This article contributed to our blog from Gallery Cafe in Kashgar when they left from Kashgar middle of  last summer 2011. We missed Gallery Cafe!

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