Winter in Kashgar

Two days ago the weather in Kashgar dropped dramatically. Now, there are fewer electric bikes cruising the roads, which means more people fighting for taxis. The city has slowed down a little, but is still alive. Though the streets are still busy with activity, the roads are deserted much earlier in the evening. The sun sets around 8:30pm Beijing time, 6:30pm local time. The nights are very cold, hovering just below zero. When the sun comes out during the day, the temperature goes up to 6 or 7 degrees Celsius. The down coats are out and will be for the rest of the winter. Last year the coldest days reached -10 degrees, which is considered very cold for Kashgar. Most expect that the temperature won’t drop much more. But it is been quite cold, right now it is snowing outside and weather forecast for tomorrow says it goes down as low as -11℃. According to weather forecast, it will be snowing next three days and temperature goes as low as -14℃. Lowest temperature of the day usually before the dawn break, temperature difference between day and night is big in Kashgar. If you ever make your mind to visit Kashgar or Xinjiang during winter time, don’t forget to pack more warm clothes since climate difference between city to city and plain area to mountain area is big.

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