Winter in Tashkurgan on Pamir Plateau

As can be seen clearly from the numerous posts about how great Tashkorgan is on this site, we as well as other people love it there. It’s one of the main attractions and ‘must see’ places near Kashgar. People always love their trips to Tashkorgan. So as winter approaches, tourists should be aware of the traveling conditions.

The weather in Tashkorgan is already hovering around -20C (-4F). The public buses no longer run and the roads are unstable. Because of the large amount of snow, the roads leading to Tashkorgan could be slippery, causing accidents that would block the road for hours. Since buses no longer run, the only option is to hire a driver with a good car to take you up there. Make sure you get an experienced driver with good tires, because the roads are narrow and will be slippery. So be careful!

We are tour operator based in Kashgar city, If you’d like to book ahead, feel free to contact us. Include where you’d like to go and when and we will help you arrange your trip. Or else, just drop by our office which is conveniently located. We hope you have a great time in Kashgar!

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